Aqueous cleaners are ________ parts cleaning agents.

A) O Air-based

B) O Oil-based

C) O Plant-based

D) O Water-based

The correct answer is:

D) Water-based

Explanation of each option:

A) Air-based:

This option doesn’t make sense in the context of parts cleaning agents. Air-based cleaners do not exist for cleaning parts, so it is not a valid choice.

B) Oil-based:

Oil-based cleaners are not aqueous cleaners. They are typically solvent-based cleaners that contain oil or other non-water-based substances to remove contaminants from parts. Therefore, this is not the correct answer for aqueous cleaners.

C) Plant-based:

Plant-based cleaners can be water-based, but not all aqueous cleaners are necessarily plant-based. Aqueous cleaners can use various ingredients, and not all of them are derived from plants, so this option is not the best fit for the blank.

D) Water-based:

Aqueous cleaners are, by definition, water-based cleaning agents. They primarily consist of water as the solvent, along with other additives and surfactants to remove dirt, grease, and contaminants from parts. This option is the correct answer as it accurately describes the nature of aqueous cleaners.

In summary, aqueous cleaners are cleaning agents primarily based on water, and option D, “Water-based,” is the correct choice.

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