Dillards Proof of Purchase Label

Dillard’s, a renowned department store chain, provides customers with a Proof of Purchase Label when they make a purchase either in-store or online. This label serves as a vital document that confirms your transaction with Dillard’s and is essential for various purposes, including returns, exchanges, warranty claims, and proof of ownership. In this article, we will delve into the details of Dillard’s Proof of Purchase Label, its significance, how to obtain it, and much more.

Importance of Dillard’s Proof of Purchase Label

Why Is It Essential?

The Dillard’s Proof of Purchase Label plays a significant role in ensuring a smooth shopping experience for customers. Here are some reasons why it’s crucial:

  • Proof of Transaction: The label serves as concrete evidence that you have made a purchase from Dillard’s. It contains essential information such as the date of purchase, items bought, and the transaction number.
  • Returns and Exchanges: When you decide to return or exchange an item, the Proof of Purchase Label is typically required. It helps the store associate verify the purchase and process your request efficiently.
  • Warranty Claims: If you encounter issues with a product covered by a warranty, having the Proof of Purchase Label simplifies the process of making a warranty claim.
  • Proof of Ownership: In case of theft, loss, or disputes, the label can be used to prove that you are the rightful owner of the purchased items.
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Types of Dillard’s Proof of Purchase Labels

Dillard’s offers two main types of Proof of Purchase Labels based on the mode of purchase: in-store and online.

In-Store Purchase Labels

When you shop at a physical Dillard’s store, the cashier will typically provide you with a paper receipt that serves as your Proof of Purchase Label. It contains all the necessary details, including the store location, date, and items purchased.

Online Purchase Labels

For online orders, Dillard’s generates electronic Proof of Purchase Labels. These labels are usually emailed to the address associated with your online account. They come in a digital format, such as a PDF, and can be easily printed for reference.

How to Obtain Dillard’s Proof of Purchase Label

In-Store Purchase

Obtaining a Proof of Purchase Label for in-store purchases is straightforward. When you make a purchase, the cashier will automatically provide you with a printed receipt, which serves as your Proof of Purchase Label.

Online Purchase

For online purchases, the process is slightly different:

  • Email Notification:

After placing an order online, you will receive an email confirmation from Dillard’s. This email will contain a link or attachment to your electronic Proof of Purchase Label.

  • Download and Print:

Simply click on the link or download the attachment. You can then print the label for your records.

Information Contained on Dillard’s Proof of Purchase Label

Dillard’s Proof of Purchase Label contains vital information:

  • Date and time of purchase
  • Transaction number or order ID
  • Description of items purchased
  • Price of each item
  • Total purchase amount
  • Store location (for in-store purchases)
  • Customer information (name and address)
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Why You Should Keep Dillard’s Proof of Purchase Label

Keeping your Proof of Purchase Label is a prudent practice for several reasons:

Easy Returns and Exchanges:

When you decide to return or exchange an item, having the label simplifies the process and ensures a smoother transaction.

Warranty Claims:

If a product develops issues covered by a warranty, you’ll need the Proof of Purchase Label to make a claim.

Proof of Ownership:

In case of disputes or issues, the label can help establish your ownership of the purchased items.

Common Issues with Dillard’s Proof of Purchase Label

While Dillard’s Proof of Purchase Label is essential, it’s essential to be aware of common issues that may arise:

Loss or Misplacement:

People often lose or misplace their Proof of Purchase Label, which can be problematic when they need to return items or make warranty claims.

Fading or Damage:

Paper labels can fade over time or get damaged, making the information on them difficult to read.

Tips for Safeguarding Your Proof of Purchase Label

To ensure you can always access your Proof of Purchase Label when needed, consider the following tips:

Digital Backup:

For online purchases, save a digital copy of the label in a secure folder on your computer or cloud storage.

Physical Storage:

For in-store purchases, designate a specific place at home where you keep your labels, such as a folder or drawer.

Label Protection:

Consider using protective sleeves or laminating paper labels to prevent fading or damage.

Return and Exchange Policies at Dillard’s

Dillard’s has a comprehensive return and exchange policy that takes into account the presence of the Proof of Purchase Label. It’s important to familiarize yourself with these policies to understand the conditions under which returns and exchanges are accepted.

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Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about Dillards Proof of Purchase Label

How do I get a Dillards return label?

To obtain a Dillard’s return label, follow these steps:
Visit the Dillard’s official website.
Log in to your Dillard’s account if you made the purchase online.
Navigate to the “Returns” or “Customer Service” section.
Follow the instructions provided to generate and print your return label.
For in-store purchases, you can typically visit your nearest Dillard’s location for assistance with returns.

Can Dillard’s look up receipts?

Yes, Dillard’s can often look up receipts if you made your purchase in-store or online while logged into your Dillard’s account. They may be able to retrieve your transaction history using your account information.

Do you need a receipt for Dillards?

While having a receipt, or in the case of online purchases, a Proof of Purchase Label, is helpful, it’s not always mandatory for returns. Dillard’s has a flexible return policy, and they may accept returns without a receipt under certain conditions. It’s advisable to check their specific return policy or contact their customer service for guidance.

What is Dillard’s shipping policy?

Dillard’s shipping policy outlines how they handle the delivery of online orders. It typically includes information on shipping methods, delivery times, shipping fees, and any special terms and conditions related to shipping. Specific details can be found on the Dillard’s website under their shipping policy section.

Does Dillard’s ship free?

Dillard’s may offer free shipping promotions on certain orders or during specific periods. These promotions often have conditions, such as a minimum purchase amount or specific items eligible for free shipping. To find out if free shipping is currently available, check their website or promotional offers.

What is Dillard’s purpose?

Dillard’s is a department store chain with a primary purpose of providing a wide range of fashion, beauty, home, and lifestyle products to its customers. Their purpose is to offer quality products and excellent customer service to enhance the shopping experience of their customers. Dillard’s strives to be a trusted and reliable destination for shoppers seeking a diverse selection of products from various brands.


Dillard’s Proof of Purchase Label is a crucial document that serves multiple purposes, including facilitating returns, exchanges, warranty claims, and providing proof of ownership. It’s essential to obtain and safeguard this label when making purchases at Dillard’s to ensure a hassle-free shopping experience.