Eight tips for realtors to stand out in a competitive market

Standing out as a real estate agent or agency today is tough, especially in a competitive market. But it would help if you showed homebuyers what sets you apart from other realtors. So, spruce up your online presence, team up with popular local businesses, rock those reviews, and host events that pop. You’ll be the hot, go-to agent in town before you know it!

In Fort Lauderdale, competition is fierce for real estate agents. The median list price for homes is $599,000, up 7% [FB1] since last year. But homes sell for around $502,500 [FB2] after 71 days on the market. With more realtors flooding the market coupled with property demand, you’ll have to be very competitive to stand out.

This article provides some valuable tips for realtors who want to thrive in a competitive market such as that of Fort Lauderdale. So, let’s look at some tips to stand out from the competition and build your business in a thriving real estate market.

1.     Partner with local moving companies

Fort Lauderdale’s population grew from 181,818 to 182,247  between 2020 and 2021[FB3] . That’s an increase of only 0.236 percent[FB4] . However, the city still attracted 429 more residents in the last year. So pairing up with local moving companies is a savvy strategy for real estate agents looking to boost their clientele.

Many new residents need a knowledgeable realtor to help them find area homes or investment properties. Consider partnering with well-reputed movers like Solomon & Sons Relocation Services, who can refer you to their customers while you can refer them to yours! Ask such moving companies to recommend you as the real estate agent for their customers relocating to the city. When attracting potential clients, local movers in Fort Lauderdale can serve as the perfect referral partners.

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2.     Have a robust online presence.

In 2023, 9 out of[SA5]  10 home buyers used the Internet in their real estate search. Thus, to effectively connect with clients online, it’s essential to have a website that is easy to use on mobile phones and computers. On your website, showcase your property listings and consider adding a live chat feature so visitors can quickly contact you.

Sharing videos of home tours and community information on social media can also be beneficial. You can run targeted online ads in specific areas to reach potential clients. Regularly updating your online information is crucial. Also, make sure to manage your profiles on popular real estate websites. Writing and sharing informative blog posts can also attract clients and provide them with valuable information.

3.     Focus on customer service.

Give your clients excellent service from the start to the end and even after that. Answer their questions quickly, within 30 minutes when you’re working. Update them regularly, at least once a week, through email or text. Also, ask for their opinions using surveys to determine how to do better. 

Gather email addresses to nurture future business through value-added communications and decor inspiration based on property types. Remember key details about clients like hobbies, family vacations, and milestones to personalize interactions and demonstrate genuine care.

4.     Stand out with innovative marketing.

Use new technologies in real estate to give buyers a better experience. It includes tools that let them see how furniture would look in homes they’re interested in and apps that show them personalized video tours. You can also send out unique postcards with codes that link to virtual tours and aerial videos of homes.

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Building relationships with local businesses is also helpful. For example, offer discounts at nearby restaurants or events to people who just moved to the area, organize open house events for several high-end homes, and help new homeowners find reliable painters, electricians, and other services they might need (like movers, as mentioned previously).

5.     Have a solid social media presence.

Keep posting interesting and valuable posts about your property listings, homes you have sold, local events, and community activities on social media. It will help you organically reach and connect with more people. Use paid promotions in social media to draw attention to your open houses and featured properties.

To reach as many people as possible, share your content through all your social media pages. Publish all your listings on different websites for more views.

6.     Ask clients for reviews

Positive online reviews and testimonials enhance credibility instantly. Ask happy buyers and sellers for such reviews on Zillow.com, Realtor.com, or Google. Create a reminder that pops up two weeks after closing that encourages clients to leave reviews while the experience is fresh. Give incentives such as gift cards in exchange for reviews.

Collect video testimonials that can be used for YouTube Channels. Visually demonstrate client satisfaction by publishing the coveted five-star rave review across the website, email signature lines, direct mail postcards, brochures, etc.

7.     Offer value-added services

If you want to stand out, you’ll need to do more than just regular open houses with cookies and drinks. People expect something more exciting. Think about giving out welcome baskets with vouchers for local small businesses, free massages at the open house, live music, gift cards to use with specific lenders and movers, or special access to local events and places for buyers of high-priced properties.

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Sending handwritten thank-you notes also gives an impression that you care. Look for ways to make buying and selling homes easier or better for your clients by using new technologies and working with other businesses.

8.     Stay on top of real estate tech innovations.

Use innovative technology to connect potential buyers with homes that fit their needs automatically. Aim to be paperless and use secure digital signing for documents. It would help if you had tools that provide up-to-date information on local housing market trends.

In a technological era, always look for new real estate apps and gadgets and add the best ones to your services. Today’s clients, especially younger ones, expect you to be tech-savvy and have the latest tools. Show them you’re ahead of the game by using these modern resources.


As competition increases, implementing these valuable tips serves as a strategic playbook for real estate agents to continually gain an edge while providing extreme value to clients. Standing out requires creativity, embracing innovation, and a passion for surpassing expectations daily.

Proactively incorporate several of these creative best practices to elevate your business and attract more clients regardless of how competitive the market is!