Things to Know About Plunge Pools

You’ve always dreamed of having a pool in your backyard or even in your house. Maybe you like swimming in your neighbor’s pool when you were growing up. You have a home in CT now, but your yard may not be big enough for a regular pool — and that may not be a problem. You could always get a plunge pool, which is great for just relaxing during a hot summer day. But before you look up “plunge pools CT” or “pool fence installer in CT” (you want to have privacy while you relax), there are some things you should know about plunge pools. 

It Depends on What You Want to Use the Pool For

While you might not necessarily want to use the pool to do things like swimming laps, you could consider doing water aerobics. If that’s the case, then you could keep the dimensions of the pool but just make it deeper so that you can get your full body in there to do your exercises and get the benefits of the low-impact exercises. 

Are you getting it to also keep your kids occupied? Then you could lengthen the pool a tad and just keep the depth at three feet or so — but you always need to be there to monitor them while they are in there, of course. 

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What Style Do You Want For the Pool? 

There are so many different choices when it comes to this. You could just have the basic shape, or you could have things be a little more glitzy, with things like night lights. It totally depends on your style. Just talk with the pool professionals about what you want, since they can offer more guidance. They can use their experience to help you make the best decision. 

Do You Want Additional Features? 

You could just be straightforward and have it be a pool to kick back and relax during warmer days. On the other hand, you could fully transform the pool to act like a spa for you and your family. Water jets can be added, and you can turn your pool into a hot tub by changing some settings. Then you’ll be able to use it no matter the season. That’s really going to give you your money’s worth. 

Do You Want Your Pool to Be Above Ground or Inground?

This depends on your budget and timetable. If you want to get your pool faster and for less money, then you can get the above ground one. These can usually be set up in a matter of days. That will also likely require extra decking or ralings. The inground pools are just what the name implies. It’s going to require more time, since the installers have to dig into the ground and set it up. They need to make sure they don’t damage any underground pipes, either. 

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Indoors or Outdoors

Again, this depends on your budget and also your space. The indoor pools can cost more, but it would be great to have it next to your home gym. Then you can just slip into the pool after a hard workout. Outdoors, while cheaper, also puts you at the mercy of the weather and other elements.

There are other things to think about, like the type of fence, what the soil is like in your yard – this will help the people that are installing it know how much is needed to be excavated. It can also help make sure that your pool lasts a long time. Finally, you should make sure that you don’t run afoul of any local ordinances, so see if you have to file any paperwork beforehand. Experienced pool installers who have worked in your neighborhood will know what to do. 

Now that you’ve done all the research, it’s time to just relax while the plunge pool is installed. Then you and your family can go use it, satisfied that it will meet all of your needs. That will allow you to really get the most out of it.