Tips for Choosing the Perfect Paint Color for Your Doors and Trim

Trim and doors don’t always have to match the walls but should coordinate. A good way to do that is by using different sheens/finishes.

Remember that you should still test your paint colors, just like you would on the wall. You can use Samplize sheets for an easy, no-mess way to try painting colors in your space.

Look at the Light

Painting doors and trim can significantly enhance the look of your home. It’s essential to note that the amount and type of light in a room can dramatically affect the appearance of a paint color. The light a room receives affects more than just the mood; it can dramatically alter the paint’s color. For instance, a neutral gray on a paint swatch can have green undertones in natural light or appear duller than expected when painted on the wall. Therefore, it’s imperative to consider the lighting in your space before deciding on a paint color.

Another way to see how light will impact a color is to hold up a true color wheel to your trim or doors and note the undertones that appear. This trick is especially useful for determining whether a shade will lean warm or cool – and how that may translate with the lighting in your home.

Look at the Space

Ultimately, your chosen color should complement and support your home’s style. If you are going with a vintage theme, pastel yellow or mint green could be the right color for your doors. Dark blue or charcoal might work best with a modern and sleek design.

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It’s also important to consider the color of the flooring, light fixtures, and other elements you won’t be changing. For instance, if you have rich brown wood trim and furniture, a dark gray or navy blue can add contrast and highlight these details.

It’s a good idea to search online for inspirational photos of the paint colors you’re considering to see what they look like in real spaces. However, remember that lighting and other factors can change how a photo depicts a paint color. Then, test your paint sample on your walls to see how it will look at different times of the day and in various lighting situations.

Look at the Finish

Painting your trim and doors a different color from your walls is a popular trend that can have a dramatic impact. For example, a bright blue used on doors and trim can instantly make an entrance sure to turn heads. However, it’s important to consider how your doors and trim will be used when choosing the color and finish.

For high-touch surfaces, water-based semi-gloss paint is typically best for trim. This type of paint is durable and easily cleanable, making it a great option for high-traffic areas. A natural bristle brush is recommended for this type of paint.

Try Tricorn Black on your trim if you prefer a darker look. This dark charcoal gray is a classic shade that looks good with most wall colors. It also provides a crisp contrast that can highlight a unique molding or make old wood doors feel new again. The undertones are subtle so that they won’t overpower your room’s color palette.

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Look at the Moldings

One of the most challenging decisions in painting is deciding what color to paint walls. It typically requires dozens of paint chips, multiple paint swatches brushed randomly on the wall, careful analysis under all types of light, and a few trips to the paint store.

Once you’ve chosen a wall color, the next big decision is what color to paint the doors and trim. Traditionally, it was thought that trim and doors should match the walls to keep the look of the room cohesive.

However, it isn’t a rule, and you can have much fun pairing different colors for doors and trim! For example, try painting the trim darker than the walls to add drama. It will help the details like crown molding or wainscotting stand out and make them feel more architectural rather than just an afterthought. For a more traditional look, consider painting the trim a creamy white to highlight the beautiful detailing.